6 ways to reduce body temperature in few seconds

No one on earth really enjoys being hot. Heat is enjoyable in small amounts but once the summer hits and temperatures peak at 100 degrees or more, most of us become very uncomfortable. Thankfully air conditioning systems can be used to make us feel cool and comfortable. However, many times air conditioning is not available. A unit can go out and you may find yourself in a situation with hot air and no way to cool yourself. Below are a few tips on how you can reduce your body temperature in a few seconds to become comfortable once again.


Water is one way to relieve the body of warm temperatures. Water can provide relief almost instantly and can last for quite some time. Be sure to drink water frequently and the hydration will allow you to feel cooler. Also, you can use water on the back of your neck in the shade and this is a sensor area. If you make this area of your body cool, then the rest of your body will cool off as well. Wetting your hair can also cool you down considerably in a short amount of time.

Cooler Sleep

During the nighttime hours in the summer, one can become quite hot quickly. There are several steps that can be taken to make you cool during this time. Place a fan in your room and turn it on. Uncover and allow the cool air to float over you and provide you with the cooling comfort you need. Your body temperature will be back down in no time. You can also choose to place a small ice pack in your pillow for a short amount of time to cool you off. Silk and satin fabrics are another good choice for your bedroom as they can become cool and keep you comfortable during sleep.

Dress Appropriately

The way you dress can also affect your body temperature. If the temperatures outside are sweltering, take into account what you are wearing. If you can get away with no clothes, like at home, do it! You can also choose to wear a bathing suit or your underwear to try and cool off quickly. If you must go out in the heat, be sure to wear appropriate clothing such as a tank top and shorts, to remain cool in the blazing heat.

Food Choices

It is also good to consider your food choices when the temperatures are hotter than normal. It is important to eat foods that will keep you cool. For example: in the winter we eat soups and stews to keep warm so it only makes sense to eat cool foods in the summer. Eat salads, frozen foods and other cold items to keep your internal temperature down.

Mind over Matter

You can also choose to believe you are cool. Repeat to yourself that you are cool and comfortable and hopefully the mantra will make you feel better.


When you become overwhelmingly hot, simply rest. Pick a nice shaded or cool area and sit down. Be very still and eventually your internal temperature will cool down so you can bare the heat.