The Advantages of Working with a Family-Owned Business

ACS Air Conditioning Systems has a long history of serving families in Concord, CA and the East Bay, but did you also know that ACS is also a family-owned business? That’s right. Our small, family-owned company continues to operate with the same goals it opened with in 1969 – delivering quality, low pressure, honest service to our customers and their families. Donna, Doug, and Justin handle the estimating and project management, and they consider their team of technicians a part of their extended family.

If you have ever hired or worked with a family-owned business then you may already know that it can be a special experience that offers unique benefits. Below, we’ll talk a little bit more about the advantages of working with a business owned and operated by family.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Family-Owned Business

We may be a bit biased, but we think that hiring a family-owned business can offer customers a variety of benefits that they just can’t get with other companies. Here are just three reasons why you should consider working with a family-owned business:

  1. Many family-owned businesses provide greater accessibility.

Have you ever done business with a company that takes forever to get back to you about a question or concern? This is not uncommon with larger businesses who have too much going on at once to dedicate the necessary time to work one-on-one with their customers. Similarly, larger companies that focus on keeping stakeholders happy may take longer to make important decisions regarding your service. Whereas a family-owned business can more easily accommodate special circumstances and work to meet your needs in a more timely manner.

  1. Most businesses run by families are committed to quality.

Family-owned businesses are often known for their dedication to quality. This may be because these businesses are working to uphold a legacy that has already been established. These companies are also often looking toward the future when the company will be passed down to other family members. This means that they want to establish a history of quality service that can positively reflect on both the family and the business. In addition, family-owned businesses tend to treat all of their employees like family, which creates a tight-knit work community and collaborative environment that is more conducive to quality work.

  1. These businesses provide enhanced customer service.

Yet another thing that many family-owned businesses are well known for is their dedication to superior customer service. The small and local nature of these businesses allows them to respond to their customers’ needs more readily than larger companies. With the tight-knit work environment that these small businesses offer, employees are more likely to feel personally accountable for their work and clearly recognize what is expected of them. This leads to an overall better customer service experience.

Want to see what difference working with a family-owned business can make? We would love to have our family help your family experience ultimate home comfort. Contact us today for more information.