Air Conditioning Issues? 3 Reasons to Call a Technician

Summertime can be really hot. It is very important to be certain your air conditioning unit works properly before the summer heat hits. If you are not able to maintain and make minor repair services to your own AC unit, it is a good time to call in a professional to do that for you. Below are 3 reasons you should call in an AC technician.

AC Unit Will Not Turn On

The most obvious thing to check on your thermostat is if it is set to cool rather than heat or off completely. You also want to be certain the thermostat is set below the present room temperature. Also, check your air conditioning circuit breaker and the one that the furnace is controlled by. Replace any damaged fuses and reset popped ones. Turn all the cooling unit switches to ON which includes the external safety switches as well. You can typically find this next to the condenser on the outside wall. The overflow tray should be checked as well. Often if the tray holds too much water, it will trigger the unit to shut off automatically. The blower door which is located on the air handler should be securely closed. If none of these tips seem to work, it is most likely a much more complicated issue and a technician should be called.

Properly Sized AC Unit Won’t Dehumidify

If your AC unit is the correct size and you are still experiencing too much moisture in your home, it might be the result of excessive humidity from water leaks, open windows or condensation drainage problems coming from the furnace evaporator coil. First, be sure all your windows are closed so the outside humidity does not enter your home. Be sure the drainage system is functioning properly. You can also use a portable dehumidifier in some spots to boost dehumidifying power. If none of these seems to help the problem, call in a technician.

ON Cycle is Too Short

First check to make sure there is nothing blocking the thermostat. Things like dirty or bent condensing fins can also interfere in the cooling cycle of your unit. You can fix bent fins on the outside condensing unit with a fin comb. Air filters should be checked and replaced if they are dirty. If you are unable to remedy the problem with these tips you may need to call in a technician. They will also check your refrigerant charge to see if there are any leaks or may have to replace a large condensing unit.

Any type of problem with your air conditioning unit should not be played around with and if it is more than just a simple issue with a simple solution, do not hesitate to call in a professional to take a look at it. If you have a newer unit, all repairs might still be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. If it is not a newer unit, having a technician come in and evaluate the problem and fix it quickly will save you some much great hassles and expenses down the road.