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Benefits Of Using Programmable Thermostats

To reduce utility costs, many individuals use programmable thermostats during the cold months of winter. However, not using the thermostat throughout the summer could be costing you more money than necessary. Using programmable thermostats throughout the year can assist in reducing utility costs. You could save hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis without compromising your comfort.

The thermostats of today are easier to use. Take advantage of the thermostat when the temperature heats up and you could save yourself a lot of money. Below are some ways in which programmable thermostats can help to save energy and money:

Intuitive Programming

Your ability to work the thermostat will greatly affect its effectiveness. Choose a backlit screen that has large readouts and clear, easy-to-read onscreen prompts. This will help to eliminate making guesses and energy-sapping errors. There are even some models that have an onscreen warning feature. This feature alerts you to excessive energy use or if the temperature is soaring above energy-saving levels. Get the most out of your thermostat by choosing a model that enables temperature setbacks.

Updated Features

Nowadays, programmable thermostats are normally either digital or electromechanical. There are also some models that combine elements of the two types. To maximize savings, choose a digital thermostat that is easy to use. It would be wise to choose one with features like multiple energy-saving schedules. Many of the latest thermostats have programmable touch screens, which make programming easier. Additionally, you should go for models that have various settings for weekends and weekdays. Other great features include full-memory save, auto changeover switches and filter-change reminders.

Where To Put It

The location of the thermostat is extremely important. Every model is different; therefore, it is important to ensure that you abide by the installation recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Ease of access is vital as well.

Optimum Temperature

Everyone has a different level of comfort. However, a 78-degree thermostat setting could be the most ideal for all household members. This would be ideal from the perspectives of both saving energy and maximizing comfort.

These are merely some of the benefits of using programmable thermostats throughout the year. If you are interested in investing in a programmable thermostat, we would love to help you find the right model to meet your home comfort needs. Contact us today to purchase an install a new programmable thermostat, and you’ll be on your way to experiencing the benefits in no time!