Evaluating your Air Conditioning System for the Summer

Air conditioning is very important, especially in the hot summer months. It is important to evaluate your air conditioning system in the spring time to make sure it is ready to perform once the temperatures become too hot to bear. To evaluate your system, there are a few tips that homeowners can follow to make sure that their system is running at top performance.

Before starting the evaluation, there are two things you can do. First off, replace your air filter if needed. a dirty air filter will restrict the air flow in your home which will make your system work at a lower efficiency. Next make sure the filter port has an air tight cover. This would an option if your air filter slides into the air handler housing. This is important because if the air handler is not tight you can lose large percentage of your energy efficiency.

Now it’s time to evaluate your system. Turn your air conditioner on for at least twenty minutes so it is producing very cold air. Then turn the thermostat down to around sixty degrees so the unit will run without stopping. While this is taking place, you will be ready to start your evaluation.

To do the evaluation, you will need an air-speed and temperature gauge. These are not very expensive and can help you with basis troubleshooting for your air conditioner. Take your gauge and measure the air speed as well as the temperature from each of your air vents. To do this, place the gauge on each register. You want to see a consistent number for each register.

You will also need to measure the temperature for the air going into your system. For central air returns, you will simply need to get a general temperature which needs to be around seventy degrees. The air coming out of your system needs to be about twenty degrees lower than the temperature going into the system.

Take the time to feel the air coming out of each vent. The air should be coming out nicely and should feel the same at each register. If the air feels different in one area then you may have a duct problem. The duct work in this area will need to be checked. You should also take note if any of the rooms are less cool than others. this could be a number of problems and you may need to have a specialist come out and evaluate the problem.

How Often You Need To Tune Up Your Air Conditioning System

An air conditioning system is a very important part of the home. When the summer months arrive, home owners instantly turn on their air conditioning system to be able to remain cool and comfortable in the home. However, many home owners turn on their system only to find that it is not functioning properly. This is why tune ups are so important. Home owners need to be sure that their unit is tuned on a regular basis to be sure that the unit is ready to work during the summer months. Regular tune up service will ensure that your unit is ready to work as it should.

It is important for home owners to know when their unit needs a tune up. Many HVAC providers recommend having the unit tuned up in the off season. This way, the unit can be repaired and is ready to function when the summer arrives. This means your AC should be inspected and tuned up once a year. This will insure that each component is working as it should and you will be comfortable in the summer months.

The refrigerant in your air conditioning system needs to be checked often to make sure the unit is functioning properly. Refrigerant will not run out during cooling but if you have a leak you can lose refrigerant. It is important to have your unit operational and free of leaks. A tune up will ensure that your refrigeration levels are correct and that your unit is functioning properly. Each component, including the refrigerant, need to be functioning properly to ensure that your unit will work as it should.

Researchers have found that an air conditioning system needs to be tuned up at least once a year. Using data from the same homes, the researchers found that a large savings was contributed to a tune up once a year. Essentially, a unit will function properly for one year but toil is taken on the unit. The unit then needs to be checked after the full year to ensure that the unit is functioning properly.
An HVAC professional will be able to help you with a tune up service. Simply contact your local technician and schedule a tune up for your unit. Regular maintenance service can be scheduled with your local provider will put you on schedule to be able to have your unit in proper working order. Make sure to take care of your unit on a regular basis so that you can stay comfortable and cool in your home! Your local provider will be able to help you find a package to suit your maintenance needs so you can have the service you need on your unit.

Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

The commercial air conditioning unit is responsible for the cooling of the big buildings which will in most cases be used for commercial purposes. They are the kind of system which will be responsible for the cooling of the big buildings which will have bigger rooms to be cooled. They will be used to bring the cooling effect to such buildings which will have many people will be moving in and out of such buildings. In terms of the functioning principle, the big commercial units will be similar to that of a residential ac where it will work using the same principal of a refrigerator. It will be responsible for the drawing of hot air from the big building and in exchange, it will bring in a cooling effect. These commercial systems will certainly come at a higher cost as they will be much bigger than the residential ones. Their installation too will require very qualified and experienced contractor to see to it that the system has been installed in the best way and that it is able to give the services it is meant to give.

There are some common components which will be found in commercial ac units. One of them is the compressor which will be responsible for the reducing the high pressured refrigerant to a lower pressure and volume. It will compress the gaseous state and send it to another component which is known as the condenser. It is the condenser which will be responsible for the converting of the high pressured gas into the liquid state. After the refrigerant has been converted to the liquid state, it will be moved to yet another component which will be metering devices. This one will be responsible for the determining of the amount of liquid which will be allowed to pass.

There will still be the evaporator coils which will be responsible for the distributing of the cool air to the entire building through the system of the duct work. There will also be another very important component which is the air filters. They will be responsible for the removing of the dirt and any other contaminants from the air. They will be rated and the high the value the more the ability the filter will have to remove more dirt and pollutants. Of all these components, the filters will need to be cleaned on a regular basis for it to be efficient.

Cost Cutting Tips for your air conditioner

During the summer period, many will realize that their bills will increase. This is normally due to the fact that they will be using more power in their houses which will translate to huge bills. During the summer period, the house will be in need of cooling almost at all the time. This will mean that the air conditioning system which is meant to ensure that the house is cool will be made to run at all the time. As a result you will be required to dig deeper in to the pocket and pay for the extra bills. But in this economic times, we should all embrace the habit of coming up with ways through which we can save our money.  It would be a good thing if we can be able to come up with ways of ensuring that we are not paying hefty bill during the summer period following the use of the air conditioner. The good news is that there are a number of ways through which you could be able to cut down on the bills which are made to rise by the use of the air conditioner. These simple ways would only require you to implement them for you to be able to realize about their benefit. Some of them will actually need to done only once and then the other summer periods would be times of enjoyment and relaxing.

One of the ways of ensuring that we are cutting down on the cost which is normally brought about by the ac is by ensuring that we are reducing the amount of heat in the house. If we can be able to minimize the amount of heat which will be in the house, then it will mean that we will not have e the need to keep the ac running for long hours. This will also mean that we will not be paying for the huge bills. Other than the natural heat which might be coming from the outside air, there are other sources of heat which we can be able to regulate. This would include the appliances which are normally used within the house which normally produces heat. If we can manage to minimize on the use of such appliances, then we would be in a position to deal with the hot air in the house. We will at the end of the day reduce the burden which the ac has to deal with and hence reduce our cost.

Understanding the Best Air Conditioning Installation Options

When it comes to a new air conditioning system installation, there are many factors to consider. One of these factors is the brand of air conditioning unit. There are many different options from Carrier to Trane and homeowners can be confused as to which brand of unit to purchase. It is important to find out as much as possible about these brands to make the best decision for your home.

Before deciding on which brand of unit to use, homeowners should do a little research. One way to research air conditioning system brands is to go online. Look up the various options available and read reviews. Some companies, like Carrier, are considered to be one of the best in the business. It is important to read the reviews and decide which unit will work best for their home.

After reading reviews and learning about the various options, homeowners can now contact their air conditioning installer to discuss their options. Air conditioning contractors carry different brands and most companies specialize in a certain brand. Homeowners can meet with their contractor and discuss their needs and figure out which brand will work best for their home.

As with any product, some brands are better than others. Homeowners need to find a brand that will last for years and uses the best parts to avoid potential breakdowns. An air conditioning contractor will be able to let you know which brands offer the most reliable service. Since there are many options available, homeowners will soon realize that there are cheaper brands as there are expensive brands. Cheaper is not always the way to go while expensive may be too much for your pocket book. It is important to find a great brand of air conditioning system that will meet their needs as well as be affordable.

Overall, it is important to consider many factors when choosing which brand you want to go with for your new air conditioning installation. A trained and certified air conditioning technician will be able to help you with this decision. Make sure you find a trusted and respected company to work with so they will do their best to meet your needs while still making it affordable. A good company will want to help you instead of looking at their profit. Taking the time to find out the information needed will help you know that the best decision was made!

AC Service Repair Options

It is hard to find a home that does not have an air conditioning unit. Everyone wants to stay cool in the summertime, so most everyone has some type of cooling system whether it is a central air unit or a room by room option. When it comes to an air conditioner, no one wants one that doesn’t work. That is why air conditioning services is so important. A broken air conditioner not only leaves you uncomfortable but it can cause wasted energy as well as an increase in your utility bill.

If your unit needs repairs, it is important to hire a licensed and insured air conditioning contractor. It is very important to trust the technician working on your unit and to do this you must find someone that has experience in the industry as well as a good reputation. Homeowners can find a local company by checking online for their options.

Most times, repairs need to be dealt with as soon as possible. In times of extreme heat, homeowners want their unit serviced NOW. No one will be comfortable until the unit is fixed. Children and the elderly can particularly suffer and this can cause major stress in your life if the one’s you love are uncomfortable.

Air conditioning maintenance is a great way to catch a problem before it occurs. An air conditioning service agreement is a great way to catch potential problems before they turn into full blown breakdowns. Having your unit serviced on a regular basis will see your unit continuing running properly.

During a maintenance appointment, a technician will check you unit for any problems that might occur such as leaks or broken parts. Any leaks or broken parts can cause your unit to work overtime causing more energy usage as well as higher monthly bills. With regular scheduled maintenance, technicians will be able to catch these problems and repair them before your entire unit goes out.

Overall, it is important to have your air conditioning unit checked on a regular basis. This will ensure the workability of your air conditioning unit and allow you to feel comfortable in your home during the hot summer months. Not only will you be comfortable in your home but your unit will be living up to its energy efficiency and saving you money on your utility bills, and what could be better than that!