The Advantages of Working with a Family-Owned Business

ACS Air Conditioning Systems has a long history of serving families in Concord, CA and the East Bay, but did you also know that ACS is also a family-owned business? That’s right. Our small, family-owned company continues to operate with the same goals it opened with in 1969 – delivering quality, low pressure, honest service to our customers and their families. Donna, Doug, and Justin handle the estimating and project management, and they consider their team of technicians a part of their extended family.

If you have ever hired or worked with a family-owned business then you may already know that it can be a special experience that offers unique benefits. Below, we’ll talk a little bit more about the advantages of working with a business owned and operated by family.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Family-Owned Business

We may be a bit biased, but we think that hiring a family-owned business can offer customers a variety of benefits that they just can’t get with other companies. Here are just three reasons why you should consider working with a family-owned business:

  1. Many family-owned businesses provide greater accessibility.

Have you ever done business with a company that takes forever to get back to you about a question or concern? This is not uncommon with larger businesses who have too much going on at once to dedicate the necessary time to work one-on-one with their customers. Similarly, larger companies that focus on keeping stakeholders happy may take longer to make important decisions regarding your service. Whereas a family-owned business can more easily accommodate special circumstances and work to meet your needs in a more timely manner.

  1. Most businesses run by families are committed to quality.

Family-owned businesses are often known for their dedication to quality. This may be because these businesses are working to uphold a legacy that has already been established. These companies are also often looking toward the future when the company will be passed down to other family members. This means that they want to establish a history of quality service that can positively reflect on both the family and the business. In addition, family-owned businesses tend to treat all of their employees like family, which creates a tight-knit work community and collaborative environment that is more conducive to quality work.

  1. These businesses provide enhanced customer service.

Yet another thing that many family-owned businesses are well known for is their dedication to superior customer service. The small and local nature of these businesses allows them to respond to their customers’ needs more readily than larger companies. With the tight-knit work environment that these small businesses offer, employees are more likely to feel personally accountable for their work and clearly recognize what is expected of them. This leads to an overall better customer service experience.

Want to see what difference working with a family-owned business can make? We would love to have our family help your family experience ultimate home comfort. Contact us today for more information.

Solar Energy Milestone Expected This Month!

Currently, relatively few homes in the U.S. get their power from solar energy. However, this situation is changing rapidly as prices for solar panels drop and the technology grows more and more efficient. In fact, February 2016 stands as an important milestone for America’s solar energy industry. This month, the number of U.S. households outfitted with panels should surge past the 1 million mark.

Solar Energy Basics

Solar panels create electricity by converting sunlight’s natural energy inside a series of devices called photovoltaic cells. Conductive plates and wires connected to these cells transfer the generated power to your home’s electrical network. Two problems have plagued the technology in the past: the cost of generating solar power and the efficiency of the typical solar panel. However, in the last decade, these problems have largely been brought under control. Since 2006, the average cost of one watt of solar energy has fallen by close to two-thirds, from $9 to $3.79. And improved panel efficiency now lets the average U.S. household meet over 85 percent of its total electricity needs with solar sources.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy makes good sense for a number of reasons. First, in most locations, sunlight is a highly abundant, renewable resource. The generation of solar power does not lead to the production of greenhouse gases or any other harmful emissions. It also produces zero noise pollution. Crucially, people who install solar systems in their homes substantially reduce the use of limited, non-renewable fossil fuels, which contribute heavily to greenhouse gas production and help drive the temperature increases associated with global warming.

The One Million Milestone

A decade ago, approximately 30,000 U.S. homes were at least partially powered by solar panels. Now, just ten years later, the number of homes equipped with these panels will soon surpass 1 million. And many signs point to a much more rapid spread of the technology in the future. For example, much of the increase in use has occurred in just the past few years, and this accelerated pace will likely continue. Underlying factors here include the rapidly dropping cost of installing an effective household system and a continuing fall in the cost of solar energy generation. Some experts predict that, by 2017, most of the country’s population will pay no more for home-generated solar energy than they now pay for the power produced by local utility companies.

If you’re considering the installation of a home solar energy system, consultation with an expert will help you answer any questions you may have. An expert can also help you design a system that meets your specific household needs. For ongoing information on solar energy-related topics, make sure to bookmark this blog and visit us regularly.

Stay Comfortable With These Summer Cooling Tips

When the temperature starts to rise outside, many want to feel the temperature go up inside of their homes. Finding relief from the heat is important, especially for older people, young children, and those with certain health conditions. These helpful summer cooling tips will keep your costs low and your home comfortable throughout the warmer months.

Air conditioners have a filter that needs to be cleaned and changed several times a year. When the filter is clean, it circulates fresh air through the home, and it allows the AC to run more efficiently. An old or dirty filter will cause the unit to be overworked, and it also means that dirty air will continue to stay inside and be recirculated. Check the filter, and be sure to change it at the start of the season.

Another one of the more popular house cooling tips is to keep heat out by covering windows and glass doors. Use blinds to control the flow of natural sunlight into rooms. Curtains and blinds can be kept closed when the sun is high. Consider installing white blinds, which reflects the heat from the home. Sunlight can quickly warm up a room. Use blinds to block it out, and turn on fans to maximize coolness inside.

One of the most common tips to stay cool in summer is to use fans. Installing ceiling fans makes it easy to circulate air throughout a room. A window or tabletop fan will bring in any breezes from the outdoors when the AC is off, and when it’s on, it will help circulate the cooler air. Fans provide one of the most effective and affordable ways to beat the heat.

Finally, be sure to schedule a maintenance inspection for your home’s AC unit. One of the best cooling tips for your home is to have a skilled technician check your HVAC system to ensure that it runs optimally all summer long. It will save you money on cooling costs and keep your air conditioner in good shape. Summer is the perfect time to have your HVAC system inspected and tuned up.

Governors Increase Energy Efficiency

The U.S. public might not realize how strong a role their state governors play in promoting green technology and innovation, and improving energy efficiency rules and standards. Much credit and criticism is leveled at the White House, but governors actively work to advance energy efficiency in their respective states and make a big difference to progress in this area. While one might wish to criticize that not enough is being done, a report from the National Governors Association aims to dispel misconceptions.

Working, Planning, Analyzing

Neil Abercrombie, Hawaii’s governor, contends that “states are continuing to explore options” around how to reduce their carbon emissions ( It might seem easy to regulate consumers so they use less energy, but nothing is simple where this topic is concerned. This is why governors have created a primer stating what they should be doing and telling the public what they have already achieved to help consumers lower their energy costs and usage. By lowering what they use, consumers are also achieving lower bills and making their impact on environmental health.

Energy Stewards

How can consumers reduce their bills, however, if their needs remain the same? One way is for governments to address utility companies directly. By issuing incentives to find ways to make energy cost less, they promote change at the heart of the issue. As costs come down, consumers in homes and office buildings feel the relief of lower bills. If they have also made changes to their own households and offices, such as replacing drafty windows and switching to LED lights, they will notice an immense financial difference overall.

Regulating Industry

Governors have created regulations to urge businesses to increase energy efficiency, particularly in buildings and their use of appliances ( Most appliance manufacturers now sell products ranked for energy efficiency and most appliances are better than any equivalent produced ten years ago. This goes for printers, scanners, photocopiers, and kettles.

Moving Forward

Changes in regulations are wonderful, but how are companies and people going to keep lowering their output? They will succeed as long as innovators keep working on new products and systems which help, but these smart people need help too.

Governors aim to promote research by partnering with post-secondary institutions where technological faculties exist. They also make it possible for private innovators to afford loans so they can experiment towards greener technology.

To ensure they are funding the right ideas and promoting truly green innovation, governors also discuss and explore ideas to determine what is best. They do nothing without planning first.

Many Advantages to Home Solar Energy

Homeowners today are seeking smart and effective ways to reduce their energy costs. Solar panels can be installed on most rooftops, making them a great choice for homes of any size. By harnessing the power of solar energy, residential electric bills can be reduced dramatically. It is better not only for the environment, but also better for a homeowner’s bank account.

Home solar energy is an investment that offers an incredible return. By installing solar panels on the roof of a home, the natural energy of the sun can be harnessed to power anything in the house that requires electricity. With the cost of electricity on the rise day by day, proactive people want to take advantage of the best options available today for reducing expenses. Solar power for your home is the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money, monthly and annually.

There are numerous advantages of choosing to go solar. A home with panels properly installed will see a great return on the investment. It is becoming a highly desirable feature for buyers. Some studies show that homes which have solar panels sell quicker than homes that do not. Potential buyers may be looking for a property that can help them to reduce costs and carbon footprints. The cost savings are dramatic, and by cutting costs on electricity, homeowners will have more money for other important things in their lives.

The sun energy can really be cost-efficient for homeowners to meet all of their power needs. In just a single hour, enough sunlight is available to provide power to the whole world for an entire year. Electricity usage from homes creates significant amounts of carbon dioxide. Scientists know that carbon dioxide contributes to the creation of greenhouse gases, which directly contribute to global warming. Eco-conscious homeowners can make a choice that they can feel great by investing in solar power for their properties.

By using energy from the sun, individuals can reduce their dependence on foreign oil and other non-renewable resources. It is something that directly impacts the individual, as well as the whole planet. Solar power is smart and affordable; thanks to the many incentives that are currently being provided by the government. There are rebates provided by many state and local governments. There may also be financing options available in some places to help make the initial investment more affordable for interested homeowners.

The numerous advantages and incentives that are offered by home solar energy make it an ideal choice for any property, whether commercial or residential. Once installed, the solar panels do not require homeowners to do any work. They simply work automatically once correctly installed, providing energy for the home and requiring virtually no maintenance and upkeep over the years. Solar power is the perfect investment for anyone seeking affordable and eco-friendly alternatives for energy sources.

Photvaltaic Cells: How Sunlight is Converted to Create Electricity

More information is being discovered about energy from the sun and it’s usefulness to our living outside of providing heat. Many have discovered that rays from the sun that produces energy not only helps the environment but can save a lot of money spent by homeowners and businesses. Solar energy installed or produced directly into our residences from the sun is very beneficial to both humans and the environment.

Solar Installation helps the sunlight actually work as electricity in our homes. It’s a natural way to heat, and even cool down, homes naturally without using lots of man made energy. Solar Installation is thought to help the environment by reducing energy production and going green. Solar Installation reduces the cost of electrical bills. Solar Installation can help your house keep cool despite the hot temperatures outside or keep it warm when it’s cold outside.

Learning how sunlight is converted to create electricity is a very interesting process.  Converting sunlight into electricity is a great idea since solar energy can help save money and energy. A solar photovoltaic cell or PV cell is used to convert the light of the sun into direct current to solar panels for the use of solar energy. PV cells have been used to convert ultraviolent rays or infrared rays into electrical energy.

Many PV cells are used to form a solar panel. Then these solar panels are used to create solar energy for homes and businesses buildings. Instead of the traditional energy sources from chemicals and gas, energy is produced from UV rays from the sun. These PV cells are very time and can seem not important. However when all of them are put together, they are very important and useful. A PV cell is composed of several layered materials that include an anti-reflexive coating, two types of silicon and a powerful glass cover.

While the first solar cells were made of silicon which is a combination of elements that work together to boost the performance of photovoltaic cells. Because of the advancements in technology, scientists are developing increasingly better alternatives than silicon. Several sets of PV cells can be connected together to create panels. One of the greatest advantages of these cells is that they represent a form or source of electricity that doesn’t produce pollutants.

The process allows PV cells to be produced without producing a great deal of pollutants in the environment. This is what makes solar energy and solar energy panels such a great idea for homes. There are so many pollutants stores up in our houses, floating around in the air that we aren’t even aware of. But they are literally thousands of pollutants within the air in our house that they cause sickness and ailments affecting our respiratory systems and causing fatigue.

The energy from the sun is unlimited, unlike other forms of energy that is manufactured. This is just another great advantage of getting energy directly from the sun. Solar energy power is one of the most appreciated sources of renewable energy. Once a photovoltaic system comprised of PV cells is installed, it can provide unlimited energy at almost no cost at all, with minimal maintenance and effort.

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3 Ways your Home Can Benefit from Solar Energy

Solar energy is becoming more popular and is becoming a new way to provide energy to your home. There are benefits to having solar energy as a source in your home. People are used to seeing solar energy affixed on home’s roof tops and normally they can be used to heat up a pool. The panels will turn solar energy into heat and then heat up the water of the pool. 


Your home can benefit from solar panels by providing an extra energy source. Solar energy can be used to power your home and take some of the dependence off of traditional electrical heating. You can customize your solar energy to power your home for as many different items as you want. If you want to slowly incorporate it into your home you have the option to just power your appliances via solar and the rest through the electric company. There is convenience when it comes to solar energy and this makes it beneficial.


The cost benefit of having solar energy in your home is a huge savings. The government offers incentives for people who install solar energy in their homes by offering those rebates and also tax credits. You will save money as well by switching over to solar energy because your dependence from electric will decrease. Another costs savings is in the form of discounts from the electric company. A lot of times, electric companies will give you a discount if you do have solar energy in your home and use it to power part of your energy needs. Your home’s resale value will also rise by 20% so you will benefit from that as well.


You can use solar energy to heat your home. You can use it specifically to heat your water heater or even your pool. When you hook the panels up to the home the solar energy will be converted and you will be able to warm your water via the solar energy. This will help save you money as well because you do not have to worry about paying to heat your water. You can also power your central heating/furnace through solar energy and really reap the rewards of a lower price and hot air.

Solar energy is beneficial to home owners in many different ways. The panels can be installed by a professional or even as a do it yourself project. The solar energy will benefit you by providing you with the energy needed to power your home and also save you a bunch of money. There are a number of financial rewards associated with solar energy as well. You have the choice to rely on solar energy and can control how much you of your home you want to rely on it. Solar energy is great for the environment and does not do any harm to it. Solar energy has come a long way and is in the process of incorporating itself into everyone’s homes. 

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How To Maintain Your Heating Unit After Winter


Maintaining your heater after the winter might seem like an easy task. It can be. If you take care of it you can make your heating unit last for years on end. Be sure to get the maximum life out of your heater without breaking the bank. Be sure to follow these tips when you are closing your heating unit up for the spring and summer months. You can help prevent problems with your unit when you have to start it back up by taking these precautions. By following these ideas you can help keep your unit ready to go when those cold months come back!

Clean the debris

When you have a harsh winter it can cause limbs, leaves and other debris to gather around your heating unit. Make sure that when you are closing your heating unit up that you clean out around the unit. It’s important that the debris does not hang around the unit because it can cause issues later on. It can cause your unit to not work properly.

Clean Your Furnace Filters

When you are using a furnace or heating unit you need to make sure that your unit filters are clean. Just as with your AC filters that need to be changed your heating unit needs to as well. These filters are how the air flow gets in and out of your units and they are vital to helping your unit work properly. They can mean the difference between the unit running properly or causing a drain on the system.

Tune up the unit

Make sure that your unit is ready for the winter ending by having a professional technician come out and tune it up. You can have a maintenance contract that will take care of your heating unit and help you to avoid problems with your unit.

Heating Unit ConcordCover the unit

When you are finished with your heating unit for the winter you may want to consider a cover on the outside unit. These are great to help you reduce debris and dirt getting into the units when the summer months come along.

Clean the unit

Make sure that all the lines that are in the heater are clean and ready for closing up for the summer. This will help you to make sure that your unit is ready to sit for awhile. If you let the unit sit with dirt or debris in the unit it can cause an issue when you start it back up. Be sure you take precautions when closing up your heating unit for the season.

Talk with your local heating technician to find out other tips that will help you to get ready for maintaining your heating unit during the summer months. You want to take care of the unit so that you can keep the unit working properly. Clean filters, protecting your heater and having proper tune ups will help you get the maximum life out of your heating or furnace unit.

6 ways to reduce body temperature in few seconds

No one on earth really enjoys being hot. Heat is enjoyable in small amounts but once the summer hits and temperatures peak at 100 degrees or more, most of us become very uncomfortable. Thankfully air conditioning systems can be used to make us feel cool and comfortable. However, many times air conditioning is not available. A unit can go out and you may find yourself in a situation with hot air and no way to cool yourself. Below are a few tips on how you can reduce your body temperature in a few seconds to become comfortable once again.


Water is one way to relieve the body of warm temperatures. Water can provide relief almost instantly and can last for quite some time. Be sure to drink water frequently and the hydration will allow you to feel cooler. Also, you can use water on the back of your neck in the shade and this is a sensor area. If you make this area of your body cool, then the rest of your body will cool off as well. Wetting your hair can also cool you down considerably in a short amount of time.

Cooler Sleep

During the nighttime hours in the summer, one can become quite hot quickly. There are several steps that can be taken to make you cool during this time. Place a fan in your room and turn it on. Uncover and allow the cool air to float over you and provide you with the cooling comfort you need. Your body temperature will be back down in no time. You can also choose to place a small ice pack in your pillow for a short amount of time to cool you off. Silk and satin fabrics are another good choice for your bedroom as they can become cool and keep you comfortable during sleep.

Dress Appropriately

The way you dress can also affect your body temperature. If the temperatures outside are sweltering, take into account what you are wearing. If you can get away with no clothes, like at home, do it! You can also choose to wear a bathing suit or your underwear to try and cool off quickly. If you must go out in the heat, be sure to wear appropriate clothing such as a tank top and shorts, to remain cool in the blazing heat.

Food Choices

It is also good to consider your food choices when the temperatures are hotter than normal. It is important to eat foods that will keep you cool. For example: in the winter we eat soups and stews to keep warm so it only makes sense to eat cool foods in the summer. Eat salads, frozen foods and other cold items to keep your internal temperature down.

Mind over Matter

You can also choose to believe you are cool. Repeat to yourself that you are cool and comfortable and hopefully the mantra will make you feel better.


When you become overwhelmingly hot, simply rest. Pick a nice shaded or cool area and sit down. Be very still and eventually your internal temperature will cool down so you can bare the heat.

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