The Importance Of Annual Furnace Exam

There are some common problems that affect the efficiency of the furnace in your home but you may not be able to notice them if you have not been trained to. Some of these problems grow and develop into serious ones within a couple of days or weeks, therefore requiring a lot of cash to fix. However, this can be avoided thanks to the introduction of annual furnace exams.
Smooth running of your furnace

This annual furnace maintenance program allows the HVAC technician to inspect your furnace for possible problems. The technician replaces the worn out parts, lubricates the movable ones, checks the wiring system, and inspects every other part of the furnace. This ensures that the entire unit is functioning properly both internally and externally, therefore giving you the chance to regulate the temperature to your preferred level.
Improve efficiency

An ordinary furnace contains so many parts that need to work hand in hand with each other to heat your home. If one of the parts is not functioning properly as expected, it may affect the entire system, and also increase your heating bills. This can be avoided through regular inspections that make it easier for technicians to detect such problems on time. For instance, a clogged or dirty filter is one of the main problems that affect the efficiency of a furnace but the technician is able to fix or replace it after inspection.
Better health for you and the entire family

During the process of sucking air from outside and diverting it inside, the furnace might attract harmful airborne particles and spread them all over your house. This leads to respiratory complications and diseases that are very expensive to treat. When the system is properly maintained, the chances of such health complications are minimized drastically.
Saving lives through regular maintenance

Carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous gases found in a burning furnace. Even though the toxic gas is expelled from the house through an exhaust pipe, it creates a great risk for the family if it leaks. To make things even worse, the gas is odorless and invisible. This means that it will almost be impossible for you to realize that you are already living in a time bomb. Pick up the phone today and call your local HVAC contractor for annual screening of your furnace. This not only makes your home warmer but also safe for you and the entire family.

Warning Signs Your Furnace Is Not Running Properly

A furnace will not last forever. There are certain furnace warning signs that indicate it may need repairs or replacement. Here are some signals of possible problems.

1. Odd Odors or Sounds

It is not uncommon for a furnace to make noises, but loud rattles are not normal. Also, when a gas furnace leaves off a terrible odor, it is best to expect repairs are necessary. Getting a furnace inspection is the best way to assess the problem and uncover a solution.

2. Age

On average, a furnace lasts approximately 10 years without needed repairs. After this amount of time, the appliance begins to require some fixes or replacement. With an older unit, there are many things that begin to go wrong.

3. Problem Thermostat

A sign that the furnace’s thermostat is on the fritz is that it keeps turning on and off. It may also be difficult to keep the home at the desired temperature. A qualified HVAC technician will be able to diagnose and fix the problem without hassle.

4. Yellow Colored Flame

The proper color for a furnace’s flame should be a stable blue hue. However, when a problem is occurring, the flame may appear orange or yellow. This is a sign that dirt is in the burner. To avoid a dangerous gas leak, it is best to contact a HVAC company for assistance.

The smartest way to prevent furnace issues is through an annual furnace inspection. The best time of year to make an appointment is early autumn. This will give you plenty of time to complete necessary repairs before the weather turns cold. Also, it is essential to perform standard maintenance. Small tasks like cleaning the filter will assure efficiency. Checking for obstructed airflow will help as well. It is easy to unknowingly block vents with furniture and decrease function.

It is essential to schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor for a yearly furnace inspection. This will help detect issues before they become severe. Also, understanding the warning signs of furnace problems will help you know when it is time to seek assistance for repairs or replacement. For more information, contact your local HVAC service team.

Bringing Down Home Heating Costs

As the colder weather slowly puts pressure on Americans, many people are starting to feel it in their wallets. While energy production is slowly being revolutionized, the high demand constant supply are beginning to increase the prices. Propane in particular is approximately double the previous highs that they had once reached. Similarly, natural gas prices are rising as well as the global demand increases.

Recent studies show that as heating costs increase, roughly ninety percent of American homes will experience much higher heating bills. The average expected bill of heating oil users will be as high as two thousand dollars, with the costs of propane users coming as high as one thousand and six hundred dollars. Homes that make used of electrical heat will run a tab just under one thousand dollars, and natural gas users are expected to pay six hundred dollars, a thirteen percent rise from the previous year.

Many believe that keeping your home properly heated this year will be a significant challenge. Statistics show that turning your thermostat up by even one degree can increase your overall costs by as much as three percent. Lowering your thermostat, on the other hand, can be dangerous as well, especially with particularly cold periods. Particularly with new furnaces, homeowners are encouraged to keep a close eye on their thermostats so as to avoid freezing pipes. Experts recommend opening the cabinet doors beneath your kitchen’s faucets to let the home’s air warm the pipes.

Another way to help manage the long term costs of keeping your home warm during the colder seasons is to invest in more efficient furnaces. With constant advancements being made, new furnaces can be an extremely efficient addition to your home, capable of lowering your overall heating costs by being more energy efficient. Most of these furnaces, however, can be expensive and difficult to install. Hiring a professional HVAC technician, like Air Conditioning Systems in Concord, CA, can help you set up the furnace quickly and efficiently. Over the years, however, the furnaces will end up paying for themselves. The efficiency of the furnace, the overall cost of fuel and heating, all of these factors come together to determine how much money you will save in the long run by purchasing a new furnace.

However, if you find that your current furnace’s performance can still serve you will for a good ten to twenty years, there are other ways to consider improving your home’s fuel efficiency. Working with professionals can help you figure out how to optimize your home. If you are not satisfied with the energy and heat performance, speak to your local provider and ask for an energy audit. This will provide for you a great deal of detailed information about your home and what factors are affecting your costs and efficiency.

Battle Winters Rage With A Heating System Inspection


One of the best ways to prepare for winter weather is to start a list. This list should contain things like sealing windows, checking for drafts, insulating pipes, and a professional inspection of the heating system. An inspection ensures that the system is functional and safe to operate.

There are numerous things that should be checked out before turning the system on for use. Generally the manufacturers of heating appliances create a list of the components that should be checked prior to using them. Several of the components need to be checked. The following appliance components should always be inspected by a professional:

• safety features
• gas pressure
• the fan belt condition and tension
• air filter
• the controls and thermostat
• the burners and radiators
• thermocouples
• the thermostat and its batteries

Doing an annual inspection of these important components of a heating system can prevent costly repairs and furnace malfunctions. Homeowners should always use a licensed and certified technician to perform an inspection. A professional will be able to spot potential problems such as a cracked or loose fan belt, rusted or corroded wires leading to the controls and burners that are malfunctioning.

An inspector will also catch any signs of leaks at or inside a gas furnace, as well as weaknesses in thermocouples that will affect heat zones. Old heater parts wear out and must be replaced so technicians generally have a variety of common repair parts on hand to make any necessary repairs. A technician will also be prepared to make emergency repairs when a heating system is not functioning properly.

Many homeowners prefer to have this inspection scheduled a month before needing to rely on their heating system full time. Having worn parts detected and replaced can ultimately prevent more costly repairs. Homeowners can help preserve the lifespan of their gas furnace and boiler system by keeping an eye out for trouble.

A properly functioning boiler should have a psi rating that ranges between 12-15 psi. If the gauge reads higher or lower a homeowner needs to turn off the heating system and call a professional immediately. Removing any debris and obstructive material from the flue pipe is another important winter prep task. In order to prevent other maintenance issues homeowners are also encouraged to maintain consistency in their thermostat setting. Many homeowners find that by maintaining their homes temperature they can also prevent a host of other problems such as frozen and busted pipes.

Keeping the thermostat setting just high enough to provide comfort without over working the system is one way to help preserve the life of a gas furnace or other heating appliance. The lifespan of a heater will vary, routine inspections will play a major role in getting the most out of the appliance. Schedule a preseason inspection with a licensed and certified technician to ensure the longevity of your gas furnace or other home heating system.

The HVCAR Industry Works Hard To Keep Contractors Well Trained

The development of digital technology has undoubtedly brought more innovation and flexibility to the HVACR industry over the last two decades or so. But it has also created a very specific type of problem.

The ever increasing complexity of control devices has significantly altered the fundamentals and the basics of HVAC systems. This, in turn, can make them trickier to maintain and repair.

Training the next generation of repair and maintenance specialists has therefore become a pressing issue for the HVACR industry. Ever more complex digital control systems mean that aspirant engineers are having to

The importance of having trained technicians, capable of repairing all major makes of HVACR unit, has therefore never been greater. A key component in the process of training maintenance and repair technicians is the availability of qualified and experienced HVAC instructors. Only with the right teachers can technicians fully grasp the often bewildering variety of control systems which are now fitted to heating and air conditioning units.

Many in the HVACR industry feel that training technicians requires more funding, though, with many technical colleges across the USA feeling that they lack the resources to train the new generation of maintenance technicians which the sector requires. What the proliferation of new digital technology has shown, though, is that learning the basics of applied thermodynamics and electrical theory is more important than ever.

Only by having a thorough understanding of these basics can an aspiring technician or engineer hope to grasp the workings of more complex systems. New training courses must therefore not neglect the basic ideas in a rush to embrace as many new technologies as possible.

What is key to success in this industry would therefore seem to be a drive to learn and great curiosity. Many manufacturers of heating or ventilation units these days guard the details of their devices with almost jealous glee, trying to compel consumers to user their own specific repair services.

In order to compete with the big manufacturers, an independent maintenance and repair technician needs to have as wide a range of expertise as possible. In this day and age, that means knowing how to use a computer as well as a spanner. Research and planning become even more crucial.

Thankfully, there are many in the industry who can see this, and who work hard to make sure that all trainers and educators are kept up to date. It is clear that the industry is going through a period of change, and those who adapt will be those who thrive.

Saving Money On Home Heating This Winter

Winter utility bills are always high. No matter what you do, it always seems that gas prices will go up and electricity prices will likewise rise. If you want to fight back a bit, there are things that you can do to make sure that your utility bill stays as low as possible. Instead of bundling yourself up and refusing to turn on the heat, you can undertake a few simple steps to keep your home warm without raising your heating bill. If you are willing to put in the work, you can actually reduce your bills by a good bit.

 Air Conditioning Repair

Call a Professional

Always make sure to call in a heating service before it starts to get too cold, if only to make sure that you get a bit of preventative maintenance done. Getting your heater maintenance done in the fall will allow you to get a great chance to avoid high repair bills during the busy season, and it also might give you a good chance to get some parts replaced before prices go up with higher demand. A good heating service will help you to figure out ways to keep your bills down, even when that means something as extreme a new heater installation. Your best ally in fighting your high energy bills will be the heating service, as this company really does have all of the necessary tools to keep you warm during the winter without requiring you to sacrifice too much of your bank account.


Doing Your Part

Your job during the winter is to make sure that you make your home as much of a heat trap as possible. For many, this means simply remembering to keep windows shut and to leave the doors closed as often as possible. There are also other little tricks that you can try, like reducing fan usage or making sure that you use draft protectors on your doors. These little actions can have a huge impact on your heating bill.

heating room thermostat

Smart Thermostat

One great gadget that you can use year-round is a smart thermostat. This is a great device for those who like to have their temperature set at one level during the day and another at night. This can help you to only keep the heat on when necessary, slashing your costs during the month. A smart thermostat is generally something that has to be installed by a heating service, so make sure that you talk to your local professional HVAC service when they com in to do all of your other winter work.

What A Preseason Heater Check Will Do For You

Here is a tip for you before the winter sets in: schedule a preseason heater check so that your furnace does not leave you and your family in the cold when you need its services most. Such a check will make sure that when the cold weather starts, you are ready and safe for the whole duration of this season. Here are other reasons that make you go for a routine heating maintenance task.

Save on Costs

Research shows that having your heating system checked before winter will cost you less than a typical repair during the winter that could have been avoided.  The cost will not be high only in terms of the cash you pay; but also the time and effort you will invest in.

It has also been found that 75% of the emergency cases that are reported to the repair centers are attributed to lack of inspection and tuneup of your heating system before the winter sets in. Failure to do this means that your system cannot operate at maximum efficiency, meaning that you will spend more on the energy bill come end month.

Prevent Breakdowns

You wouldn’t be a happy person when your heating system breaks down in the middle of the winter season. First, you may not be able to go out and look for a technician to work on it. Secondly, even if you get someone, the weather may make it hard for him or her to reach your place. This is why you need to make sure that you get a professional to perform routine heating maintenance on your system so that you do not regret later. 

Make Your Home Safe for Your Family and Guests

You must have heard about incidents where house fires have occurred due to a fault that happened in the furnace. These have ended up destroying property and in rare cases, causing deaths in homes. This is so unfortunate because the homeowners could have stopped these incidents even before they occurred. 

Faulty furnaces can emit carbon monoxide. This is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that is fatal when inhaled. During winter, your home is usually sealed up tight to prevent entry of draft, which makes buildup of carbon monoxide easy. The characteristics of this gas make it very dangerous because you may not detect it at all.

Your furnace works very hard for you all winter long. You need to make sure you perform a preseason heater check to keep it running smoothly and for it to serve you efficiently. The check will take only 30 — 45 minutes of your time and you will be able to live comfortably.