How To Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

Prepare to cut cooling costs before summer even arrives with simple checks and tips. Households are using more and more energy every year, most of which is from air conditioning systems. When cooling systems are not maintained, they consume more power. By remembering to clean filters, program thermostat, inspect air vents and doing other minor checks, you can save money, protect the environment and keep your home cool.

Seal All Holes

Every ounce of cool air that comes out of your vents is precious. When it escapes, your cooling system is not as effective and you end up keeping it on longer than you should. To stop air from escaping, make sure all the holes in your home are sealed. From the kitchen to the basement, sweep your property for any holes and plug them up with plastic film, caulking or foam for better insulation.

If you own a window-unit conditioner, you can fit it with its own electrical circuit to keep the system from overloading. Closing vents and doors of rooms that are not used can also help prevent overloading. According to the Energy of Department, taking these simple measures can trim your energy costs by 20%.

Program Thermostat

You can take advantage of programmable thermostats to save energy. All you have to do is program thermostat to let temperature rise a bit when you are not at home. This means conditioners do not have to work that hard, which leads to big savings in the long run. If you want to learn how to program your thermostat properly, you can visit for a step-by-step guide.

Clean Filters

Dirty filters not only clog up air, but can also cause conditioners to malfunction. Standard conditioner filters can usually be found in ceilings, walls or even in the unit itself. Filters in central air conditioning systems are normally located along the return duct. If you are not sure where your filters are located, it is safer to let a professional do it for you. The Department of Energy states that clean filters can save you up to 15% in costs.

Service Your Unit Once Per Year

Asking for a maintenance check from professionals should not be an option but a necessity. Not every problem can be fixed at home and trying to might be dangerous. Specialists conduct thorough inspections, repair, and restore or renew any damaged parts. From cleaning filters to recharging the system, professional services can have your conditioner working like a dream for many years to come.

The easiest way to reduce your energy bill is to make sure that your air conditioner is at its best. It is also important to ensure your home is sealed to keep as much cool air in as possible. Although some tasks like cleaning filters can be safely done at home, having a pro fine tune your unit can help it run smoother for longer.