Hot water heater and furnace in basement

What Is The Difference Between Electric Heat Pumps And Furnaces?

The difference between electric heat pumps and gas furnaces has always been a source of confusion for many wanting to buy one of the appliances. The main difference between the two is that a furnace blows warm heated air throughout your premises, while a heat pump uses a refrigerant to either heat or cool air.

Making the choice between the two is dependent on several factors such as location. If you live in a relatively cold climate, a furnace may be the most viable option. However, people who live in warm areas are likely to benefit from cost effectiveness by buying heat pumps. It’s more of a personal choice but the right kind of information can help you choose the most suitable option.


Heat pumps have proved to be more efficient than furnaces. In fact, they can achieve about 30 -40 percent more energy efficiency as compared to gas furnaces. Heat pumps simply move and don’t generate heat enabling them to provide up to four times more energy than they consume. However, their efficiency is significantly reduced when there are huge temperature differences, especially in cold winters. One way to increase the efficiency of your heat pump is to ensure it is of the appropriate size for your premises. However, it is also important to size your furnace correctly to maximize its efficiency.


When it comes to cost, there are several determining factors you should consider before choosing to buy an electric pump or a gas furnace. Start by finding out the difference in gas and electricity prices in your area. The cost of the units also matters. Depending on your climate, a heat pump can heat and cool your premises all year round. If you choose a gas furnace, you may also need to buy an air conditioner to cool your premises in the warmer months.


In as much as heat pumps eliminate the need to invest in an additional appliance (an air conditioner) they use outdoor heat to warm your home. This means that they may not be as effective as a gas furnace if you live in a very cold area. A heat pump is more appropriate for moderate climate areas.

With the differences outlined above, choosing the most appropriate appliance should be easy. Call us for all your heating and furnace needs.