Solar panel installation

Estimating The Cost Of Solar Power Installation

Harnessing solar energy could be the wave of the future and it’s certainly trendy in some parts of the world. If your energy costs are currently low, it might not seem like a good investment. But home owners have to look beyond today’s costs to determine far more than installation costs for solar systems.

Installing the Right System

Consider how much electricity you use then install the correct system for those needs. If this is your main residence, you might want to add a generator or use mains power for some purposes. Propane is another option. Solar power can be used to run your entire house, however, if you do your calculations properly.


Future Sales Value

Your home goes up in value whenever you add a solar system, especially solar thermal collectors. These are more efficient than PV solar panels although the PV system is better known. The less intrusive your system will be, the more it adds to the look and value of your home. Consider installing roof tiles which will collect water and use the sun to heat it before you turn on the hot water for a shower or to clean dishes.


Sun Exposure

The job of harnessing solar power becomes more complicated and costly when your exposure is north facing. South or southwest exposure with a clear view of the sun for several hours of the day is ideal. You do not want to be cutting down trees for access: that is not environmentally friendly at all. Poles and raised systems on the roof or pivoting, computer controlled units will help you get the most out of the sun’s rays all day and all year.


Tax Breaks

Remember that there are tax breaks in some states to encourage home owners to install PV and thermal collectors. Find out more about what your government has to offer.


Solar Power Installation Cost Estimate

With all of these figures you can now estimate the cost of your installation. An efficient set up is going to still cost the same amount as an inefficient one in many instances but will save you more in energy bills and as a selling feature of the home later on. Follow our articles for more ideas about solar installations and how to save money.