Healthy Environments – More Than A Comfortable Temperature

Indoor air quality should never take a back seat to temperature

Many persons do not realize that a healthy home environment is more than a comfortable internal temperature.  It does not matter how comfortable the inside temperature if the air inside is stale, and the house is dusty.  Here, many of the new Carrier filtering products comes into play. Ironically, the inside aspect, due to indoor pollution, becomes inferior and particles, bacterial in nature and other unfavorable elements have a tendency to invisibly float around. 

The following are the several products which improve the home’s indoor levels of pollution or indoor air quality (a major health concern of the Environmental Protection Agency) and overall levels of comfort. 


Carrier air filtration systems improve health standards in the home

Carrier air filtration systems capture harmful particles and destroy airborne pathogens.  The preceding attribute is what makes Carrier air filtration systems in way of the Infinity model highly unique. The Infinity purifier traps pathogens and destroys them.  The purifier is able to capture harmful pollutants; and then provides an electrical charge which actually kills the harmful particles.


Proper ventilation is yet another aspect of a healthy home internal environment 

Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilators (acronym:  ERVS) are yet another important consideration in maintaining a high standard as to internal levels of comfort.  The Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilators offer the consumer a great deal in way of favorable attributes.  It offers positive cross flow ventilation, refreshing the home’s interior with a fresh equivalent & a safer environment.


Features attributable to Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilators include:

• A high level of energy efficiency;

• Reduction in humidity during seasons which are cooler;

• Significant decrease in way of indoor pollution;

• Practical cross flow configuration;

• Capability of filtering outside airstream;

• Outfitted with choice of standard or automatic controls;

• Ease of maintenance:  no tools necessary;

• Quiet during operation; and

• Ten year warranty


Humidity is needed in order to maintain a home’s level of indoor comfort

The Carrier Fan-Powered Humidifiers are produced in order to work in coordination with other company products.  Humidity is important since it eliminates static electricity inside the home.  Other features attributable to Carrier Fan-Powered Humidifiers are as follows:


• Fan is self-propelled;

• Access to the humidifier is by way of its front;

• Quiet operation;

• Front cover is highly durable;

• Maximum distribution in way of moisture;

• Models offered include large and small capacities; and

• Five year warranty


In conclusion:

Carrier provides a lineup of products which make the internal quality of the environment healthier overall.  Purifiers, ventilation solutions, and moisture balancing products, provided by the company, make the inside environment of the home cleaner; healthier and exceedingly more comfortable.