How To Maintain Your Heating Unit After Winter


Maintaining your heater after the winter might seem like an easy task. It can be. If you take care of it you can make your heating unit last for years on end. Be sure to get the maximum life out of your heater without breaking the bank. Be sure to follow these tips when you are closing your heating unit up for the spring and summer months. You can help prevent problems with your unit when you have to start it back up by taking these precautions. By following these ideas you can help keep your unit ready to go when those cold months come back!

Clean the debris

When you have a harsh winter it can cause limbs, leaves and other debris to gather around your heating unit. Make sure that when you are closing your heating unit up that you clean out around the unit. It’s important that the debris does not hang around the unit because it can cause issues later on. It can cause your unit to not work properly.

Clean Your Furnace Filters

When you are using a furnace or heating unit you need to make sure that your unit filters are clean. Just as with your AC filters that need to be changed your heating unit needs to as well. These filters are how the air flow gets in and out of your units and they are vital to helping your unit work properly. They can mean the difference between the unit running properly or causing a drain on the system.

Tune up the unit

Make sure that your unit is ready for the winter ending by having a professional technician come out and tune it up. You can have a maintenance contract that will take care of your heating unit and help you to avoid problems with your unit.

Heating Unit ConcordCover the unit

When you are finished with your heating unit for the winter you may want to consider a cover on the outside unit. These are great to help you reduce debris and dirt getting into the units when the summer months come along.

Clean the unit

Make sure that all the lines that are in the heater are clean and ready for closing up for the summer. This will help you to make sure that your unit is ready to sit for awhile. If you let the unit sit with dirt or debris in the unit it can cause an issue when you start it back up. Be sure you take precautions when closing up your heating unit for the season.

Talk with your local heating technician to find out other tips that will help you to get ready for maintaining your heating unit during the summer months. You want to take care of the unit so that you can keep the unit working properly. Clean filters, protecting your heater and having proper tune ups will help you get the maximum life out of your heating or furnace unit.