Reducing Winter Energy Costs

As the temperatures fall, along with the colorful leaves, many Americans are reaching for their coats and their thermostats. We rely on several different types of heat to keep our homes warm during the winter months. This heat allows us to feel comfortable in our own homes, no matter how low the outdoor temperatures may go. However, sometimes the cost of running the heat in our home can get a slightly absurd, or even burdensome for many families. If your goal this season is winter electricity reduction, there are several steps you can take to help reduce the amount of energy you use, thus reducing your energy bills. These tips can help you reduce energy cost in winter.

Seal and Insulate
Think of your home as a giant envelope. If the edges of the envelope are not properly sealed, air can get out and in. This means that the walls, windows, doors, floors, and ceilings in your home can be areas where warm air escapes, causing your furnace to work harder to keep your home warm, and raising your heating bills. Adding insulation and checking the sealants in your home can reduce your energy costs and keep your home warmer by not wasting the hot air that is produced.

Focus on Certain Areas of the Home
Use the heat that is produced in your home wisely. Most people can identify two or three areas of the home where occupants spend the most time. Usually this is a bedroom, kitchen, or the living room. Attempting to direct heat to these main living areas can help reduce the cost of heating the rooms or areas that people spend little or no time in. Close off the air duct covers in rooms or closets where little or no time is spent during the winter.

Use Natural Heat
You can also put the sun to work for you to reduce your heating costs. Open the blinds and curtains of windows that get the most sunlight. The sunlight produces enough heat that it can increase temperature of your home by several degrees.

Follow these tips to provide energy and money savings for your family during the winter months. For more help in reducing your winter energy costs, call us today to learn more about energy savings.