FAQs About Home Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

Learning more about residential HVAC systems can help you make better future decisions regarding your own heating and cooling system. ACS Air Conditioning Systems has helped local homeowners since 1969, and since that time we have helped answer a lot of HVAC related questions.

What A Preseason Heater Check Will Do For You

Here is a tip for you before the winter sets in: schedule a preseason heater check so that your furnace does not leave you and your family in the cold when you need its services most. Such a check will make sure that when the cold weather starts, you are ready and safe for the whole duration of this season. Here are other reasons that make you go for a routine heating maintenance task.

Save on Costs

Research shows that having your heating system checked before winter will cost you less than a typical repair during the winter that could have been avoided.  The cost will not be high only in terms of the cash you pay; but also the time and effort you will invest in.

It has also been found that 75% of the emergency cases that are reported to the repair centers are attributed to lack of inspection and tuneup of your heating system before the winter sets in. Failure to do this means that your system cannot operate at maximum efficiency, meaning that you will spend more on the energy bill come end month.

Prevent Breakdowns

You wouldn’t be a happy person when your heating system breaks down in the middle of the winter season. First, you may not be able to go out and look for a technician to work on it. Secondly, even if you get someone, the weather may make it hard for him or her to reach your place. This is why you need to make sure that you get a professional to perform routine heating maintenance on your system so that you do not regret later. 

Make Your Home Safe for Your Family and Guests

You must have heard about incidents where house fires have occurred due to a fault that happened in the furnace. These have ended up destroying property and in rare cases, causing deaths in homes. This is so unfortunate because the homeowners could have stopped these incidents even before they occurred. 

Faulty furnaces can emit carbon monoxide. This is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that is fatal when inhaled. During winter, your home is usually sealed up tight to prevent entry of draft, which makes buildup of carbon monoxide easy. The characteristics of this gas make it very dangerous because you may not detect it at all.

Your furnace works very hard for you all winter long. You need to make sure you perform a preseason heater check to keep it running smoothly and for it to serve you efficiently. The check will take only 30 — 45 minutes of your time and you will be able to live comfortably.