Things To Consider When Replacing HVAC Heating And Air Conditioning Systems

87701128There is no point overreacting every time one of your HVAC units shows some signs of malfunction. As you may already know, annual servicing of your system is a must to ensure that the unit is performing at its peak condition and is not using up too much energy. However, even with periodic servicing, some problems may occur which can be solved by repair or replacement of some worn out parts.

However, a point may come when you know that your system is already enough old and is well past its better days. This is when the conundrum appears. You feel uncertain about whether to go for another repair or chuck the unit for good. Now, if the system is really too old, there is little wisdom in continuing spending money on it in the form of recurring repairs or servicing.

There are some common indicators which tell you that a replacement is necessary. The obvious one is that when you see your utility bill is spiraling out of control every succeeding season. Also, if you notice that the system is leaking water or fluids, this is directly related to higher energy consumption and getting a new unit will be the best decision under such circumstances.

Also, if you notice that your system is regularly making unusual, disturbing noises when you are trying to set the thermostat as well as at other times, you may be fairly certain that a replacement is your best option. Another important thing is that when you are running a faulty system, you are also exposing yourself to a good amount of risk due to possible air contamination.

We would also like to stress something that even many HVAC specialists forget to mention when it comes to HVAC system replacement, which is that if you are replacing one of your HVAC units, you must also replace the other, too (unless the latter is fairly new). For example, replacing a malfunctioning furnace while keeping an old AC unit (or vice-versa) would cost you more in the long run. Also, if you buy the pair as a unit, you may avail some lucrative discount and will also have to pay only a one-time installation cost.

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