What Do UV Lights Really Do For Your Indoor Air Quality?

People who suffer from allergies and asthma have sealed their homes for years in order to keep outdoor air pollution from contaminating their indoor breathing air. They dust more and keep their windows closed to limit spores and allergens that aggravate their breathing problems. The Environmental Protection Agency has released recent information, though, that informs us that indoor air quality has actually reached higher levels of pollution that outdoor air quality levels.

The amount of fungi, bacteria, viruses, mold and other micro-organisms growing in homes are increasing and their spread is on the rise. This growth results in part from the way today’s houses are insulated to keep air in when they are built and how air flow patterns are created through them. According to the U. S. National Library of Medicine, these pollutants in indoor air plus in and on HVAC surfaces such as insulation, ductwork, drain pans, air vents and filters are harmful and pose several health risks for the homes’ inhabitants.

An environmentally safe and friendly solution is available in the form of UV Lights. UV Lights help because they produce ultraviolet radiation that destroys a great many of these air pollutants. Installing germicidal UV lights will break down the RNA and DNA of these micro-organisms, getting rid of them in upper-room air and playing a major role in prevention of secondary allergies. An in-duct ultraviolet germicidal irradiation system that uses short UV waves; or a germicidal ultraviolet air disinfection system using lamps directly shining onto the heat pump or A/C evaporator coils or lamps in the ductwork also kill many of the fungi, mold and viruses where they grow. Painting these surfaces with a catalyst solution that reacts to the ultraviolet rays from the lights converts germs to substances that are harmless. The EPA highly recommends this process because it greatly reduces indoor air pollution.

Because many studies show that germicidal UV Lights are very effective in breaking down polluting organisms in homes, they play a major role in reducing allergy suffering and controlling the micro-organisms that aggravate asthma. Many airborne pollutants and pathogens can be removed by a homeowner’s use of germicidal UV Lights and air disinfection systems to clean up polluted inside air. For more information on how to have the quality of your home’s interior air professionally assessed, call us today and for all your heating and air conditioning needs.