What Does The Air Handler Do For My HVAC System?

man repair air-conditionerYour HVAC system consists of numerous components working together to maintain a comfortable indoor living environment. The air handler is responsible for regulating and circulating hair. It contains the system’s blower, evaporator coil, sound dampers, filter racks and other parts of the ventilation system.

An air handler houses all the components necessary to circulate air throughout the building. It connects to the ductwork and provides cooling, heating or both depending on where it is installed and its application. An electric motor provides power to the blower, which may operate at one or more speeds, depending on the unit. Flexible vibration isolators installed in the ductwork on either side of the air handler block the transmission of noise and vibration through the ductwork.

The handler contains filters to ensure treated air blowing into the building is clean. When the filters become clogged with dirt and debris, they obstruct airflow through the handler. At the same time, the evaporator coil accumulates dust. This can cause the air conditioner to freeze up and lead to other problems. Changing the filters as part of a regular maintenance routine will increase the efficiency of the HVAC system and extend the life of all components.

Hiring a professional to maintain your air handler is the best option unless you are familiar with the equipment and the proper methods for taking care of it. The handler is attached to liquid and suction lines that are easy to crimp or bend if you are not careful. The coil fins are also extremely delicate. If bent, airflow across the coils is compromised.

Part of routine maintenance should include checking the condensate lines for clogs. The evaporator coil condenses moisture it draws from the air. The moisture drips into a condensation pan and drains through a PVC line to the exterior of the building. If the PVC tube is clogged with debris or algae, the HVAC technician can flush the line. Treating the condensation lines and evaporator pan with algaecide can prevent the growth of algae.

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