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What Regular Maintenance Do Heating And Air Conditioning Systems Need?

Maintaining your heating and air conditioning system can go a long way in preventing future problems and unwanted costs. Accordingly, it is vital to always keep your heating and cooling system at peak performance. Here is an overview of some maintenance check-up that you should keep in mind to achieve this goal:

  • Check All The Controls Of Your System: Check the various controls of your system to ensure that your system starts, operates, and turns off properly and safely.
  • Inspect the Condensate Drain: Plugged drain system cause water damage in your premises and can affect humidity levels. As such, ensure that you check and inspect all the condensate drains (from furnace or heat pump to the central air conditioner) to ensure that they are functional.
  • Lubricate All The Moving Parts Of Your System: Parts that are not well lubricated will cause a lot of friction in your motor, which will in turn increase the amount of power that your motor uses.
  • Check Thermostat Settings: Good thermostat settings will ensure that your HVAC system keeps your premises comfortable and saves energy.
  • Inspect Gas Connections, Heat Exchangers, and Burner Combustion: Poor gas and heat combustion connections are fire hazards and can cause lots of health problems. Furthermore, cracked heat exchangers or dirty burner will never operate optimally.
  • Keep Evaporator and Condenser A/C coils Clean: Dirty coils will make you’re A/C system to run longer, thereby increasing your energy costs and reducing the life span of the equipment.
  • Check Your A/C’s Refrigerant Level: Inappropriate amount of refrigerant levels will reduce the efficiency of your system and increase your energy costs.
  • Clean and Dust your Blower Components: Airflow problems will lower the efficiency of your system by about 15 percent; so adjust the blower component s to provide appropriate system airflow.
  • Inspect And Clean Your Air Filters: A dirty air filter will increase your energy costs and eventually damage your equipment.

In case you are not sure about certain HVAC maintenance check-up procedures, you can contact your local contractor. Remember, contractors are often busy in summer and winter; so endeavor to check your heating system in the fall and your cooling system in the spring.
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