A solar system will reduce your carbon footprint and help to reduce the pollution in the air. Greenhouse gases, like Carbon Dioxide, are contributing to global warming. With a modest solar array, you can reduce your home electrical consumption by 50% and reduce the use of polluting fossil fuels for producing electrical power.

Dramatically reduce your electric bill and carbon footprint with a solar array.

A solar array on your home reduces the amount of electrical energy you buy from the utility company. In fact, solar power actually runs the electric meter backwards. At the beginning of every month you start at Tier 1 (baseline) and as you use more electricity, you move up through the tiers, which are increasingly more expensive, to the top at Tier 5. When you install a solar system you sell back the highest priced tiers that you have used, and pay for the less expensive electrical power. Your new solar array will provide clean, reliable, renewable electrical energy from the sun. Solar can be installed on most rooftops, and requires a southerly exposure to generate the maximum amount of power. If the roof exposure is less than ideal, ground mount arrays are available.


Cost-Effective Solar Power for Your Home

The utility company is offering rebate incentives for the installation of a solar system and the federal government is offering a 30% income tax credit. This makes solar very affordable. A solar system will pay for itself in a few years, making solar an outstanding long term investment. The solar array is guaranteed to produce power for 25 years and once paid for, the system will continue to pay you dividends with the savings.

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